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Big Mike's Guns provides a valuable service for responsible gun owners who seek a secure and controlled environment to store their firearms outside of their homes. The facility offers a solution to prevent improper storage and unauthorized access to firearms, addressing the concerns of responsible gun ownership. This service can be particularly beneficial for individuals facing various situations, such as temporary storage needs, limited storage space, accessibility concerns, legal situations, and military service. Big Mike's Guns promotes safety and responsible firearm management by providing a dedicated space for responsible gun owners.

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  • Where are my firearms stored?

    Your firearms are stored within the store premises in a controlled area.

  • Are my firearms stored inside a safe?

    The firearms are not stored inside a traditional safe. Instead, storage lockers made of sheet metal are used. These lockers are large and secured to the walls to prevent easy movement.

  • How are my items safe if not stored inside a safe?

    Security measures include controlled access, a steel mesh wall, locked security doors, crash bollards, armed bars inside and outside, motion detectors, cameras, and other security systems. The goal is to deter theft, and in the event of an attempt, the system is designed to delay entry until the police can arrive.

  • Is my property covered under the business insurance?

    The stored firearms are not covered under business insurance because they are not entered into the store’s gun books. If entered, removal requires passing a background check, which may take 24 hours or more, and full access to the firearms is restricted.

  • Can I get insurance?

    The option for customers to obtain insurance for their stored firearms is being explored by the store.

  • How do I get my items? 

    Customers can access their stored items during the store’s business hours by checking in with a service representative. After-hour access is available for a fee.

  • Do you record what is stored?

    The store does not keep records of the specific items stored by individual customers.

  • Do you inform anyone about storage?

    The store does not inform anyone about individual storage unless requested by the customer. Customers have the option to provide names and contact numbers of trusted individuals in case of account delinquency due to circumstances like death or extended deployments.

  • Do I have access 24-7?

    Standard access is during business hours. However, customers can arrange and pay a service fee for access outside of regular hours.

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