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Welcome to our family-run gun shop where tradition and trust meet. Our founder's passion for firearms began unexpectedly, through spirited auctions and a shared family hobby that evolved into a professional calling. Rooted in a rich history of personal connections with every transaction, our shop offers more than just firearms; we provide a personal touch, understanding that behind every purchase is a story and a passionate enthusiast.


We believe in doing business with integrity and openness. Here, you won't find pushy sales tactics; instead, we're here to guide you through the selection process, offering insights and expertise to help you choose the best option for your needs. Our commitment to quality and community is unwavering—whether you're a seasoned collector or a first-time buyer, we treat all our customers like family, ensuring they leave not just satisfied, but with the right product at the right price. Feel free to visit, ask questions, and explore our collection at your own pace.
At our shop, we prioritize a no-pressure sales environment where every visitor can feel at ease to explore their options freely. We encourage our customers to take their time, sleep on their decisions, and choose what truly suits their needs. Our philosophy is simple: to serve our community with honesty and respect, ensuring that whether you buy locally or online, you receive the best possible value and service. We're not just a store; we're a place where gun enthusiasts can gather, share stories, and feel at home.

Our Team


Born and raised in Northern California in his youth, Mark developed a love for the outdoors that was nurtured by frequent summertime visits to his maternal grandparent’s forest Cabin in Jonesville, California. Favorite activities on those visits were fishing for native brook and rainbow trout, making homemade ice cream – using a hand crank ice cream maker, enjoying campfires and making some mores using marshmallows cooked with sticks carved from Sugar pine tree limbs, and watching Deer that came to feed on watermelon rinds.

Although not raised with a family hunting tradition, Mark took on an acquired firearms taste as a young adult in the face of proposed handgun bans in California. His first firearm was an H&R 922 revolver (.22lr). His first center-fire handgun purchase was a Ruger Blackhawk in .41 Remington Magnum Caliber. His first center-fire rifle purchase was a stainless steel Ruger Mini 14 ( standard model) with a factory wood stock.

Mark’s interest and enthusiasm for firearms led him to become a home-based firearms dealer in Manteca, CA. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. This experience in the firearms business was a good education in evaluating, pricing, and learning about all kinds of non-NFA firearms and their calibers and operations.   (Cont.) Mark is now retired from his job in municipal water treatment ( drinking water ). Mark now carries on his passion for firearms and service to the firearms Community in Fallon as a part-time associate for Big Mike’s Guns and Ammo.

If you have some vintage Lever Action rifles or 3-screw Ruger Blackhawks, I would love to see them and talk about them. I am also a metallic cartridge reloader and would happily assist you , to the best of my ability. 


Rachael, affectionately known as BMW (Big Mike’s Wife), embodies the spirit of resilience and compassion. Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Utah, Rachael was raised in a family deeply rooted in the tradition of hunting. Her adventurous spirit led her to serve on a mission for the LDS Church in the vibrant setting of Los Angeles, California.

Married to the esteemed Big Mike, Rachael seamlessly embraced their shared passion for firearms, transforming it into a cherished weekend hobby spent alongside Mike and their children. Yet, her interests extend far beyond the firing range; Rachael finds solace and purpose in the harmonious melodies of the organ and piano, enriching her community through her music at church services.

Throughout her journey, Rachael has donned many hats with grace and aplomb. From her roles as a dedicated educator to a compassionate caregiver for the elderly, she has left an indelible mark on the lives she has touched. Now, as a proud business owner, Rachael brings her unparalleled gift for empathy to the forefront. Her innate ability to connect with people on a personal level, remembering each individual’s name and story, has become the cornerstone of her business’s success.

While Rachael continues to expand her expertise in firearms, she remains the steadfast pillar that keeps the store running smoothly. Her unwavering kindness and genuine warmth radiate through every interaction, as she does not possess a single iota of malice. In a world that sometimes seems fraught with chaos, Rachael’s presence serves as a beacon of light and hope, reminding us all to approach each other with compassion and understanding.


As a former paratrooper for USARPAC, licensed skydiver, and current firearms dealer/instructor, Rob has always had an insatiable curiosity for what is possible when training and preparation meet opportunity.

Growing up, he always had a slight obsession with flying, which led to the former skillset of jumping out of “perfectly good airplanes”. (which is written in quotations as he does not believe in such a thing).

However, it wasn’t until he spent time in Khost province, Afghanistan, that he developed a love of the latter. That was where he learned the true value of firearms, gear, and a prepared mindset.

He now works diligently at Big Mike’s Guns and Ammo to help spread the necessary knowledge and tools for his community to be better prepared in the face of emergencies and adversity.

He strongly believes that he can learn from the experiences of all those around him, as well as teach from his life lessons, so he encourages others to follow his adventures on social media and to reach out to him should they choose.

Byron- USAF Vet 

Byron is our lead training officer,  He is retired LEO, Builds custom guitars, played in bands, Flies planes and knows his way around firearms. 

Mike AKA Buzz.- USMC Vet

This is Mike,  USMC retired.  Mike is very laid back and loves to assist people with the tools needed to take out your local pesky Jackrabbit.

Big Mike. USN- Seabee Vet 

Hi, I’m Mike.  What started out to be a hobby , wanting to help people get a great deal and make a little money to pay for my toys, turned into a full time business.  Firearms are fun for me.  I’m in business because I like to help people. We are not here to get rich. I want people to feel like family and enjoy coming into our store and buying here on line. No matter where you are or who you are, you have a  right to own firearms. Be safe, be kind, love your neighbor but always be ready to protect yourself, family and country.  If you ever need help or are not happpy with something, My personal email is [email protected] Thank you for your support. You make it possible to give good people jobs and serve others.

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