Honoring Our Protectors

Here at Big Mike Gun and Ammo, our business was founded on one core principle: delivering great deals to everyone. We proudly support our military by providing shooting opportunities to visiting service members, a testament to my commitment to those who serve our nation.

Our dedication to the military is unwavering, despite restrictive laws put in place by the previous governor, making it illegal to lend personal weapons without a background check. Unlike others, we stand by our troops, offering unparalleled support and respect.

We operate as a low-profit shop, with pricing tailored to accommodate our military customers. While our prices are generally the lowest around, we understand the importance of giving back. That’s why we continuously negotiate with our suppliers to secure better deals. To honor our service members, we offer exclusive discounts to those in the Military, Police, Fire Department, Bureau of Land Management, Forest Service, and Guard. Whether through instant discounts, special offers, or extra reward points, we ensure those who serve receive the recognition they deserve.

Our team is made up of dedicated veterans, including six from the military and one from the CHP. My wife, who has been my partner for 24 years, deserves veteran status herself for her unwavering support of me. We strive to offer the best prices to everyone, but we go the extra mile to provide our service members and veterans with even better deals whenever possible.

Remember Big Mike Gun and Ammo when you’re shopping around. Your support enables us to continue supporting you. We will keep you updated on more offers and discounts as they become available. Together, let’s honor those who serve our great nation.

If you have served and we missed mentioning your group, please email us and let us know. While we aim to honor all who serve, we must maintain certain standards to keep these offers special and sustainable for our business.

Reach out with your request, and be prepared to provide proof of service. Verification will require a semi-redacted ID, DD214, or other valid documents. Be sure to remove any personally identifiable information before sending it to us. We need some information but don’t want any Social Security Numbers (SSNs) or birthdates included. If you need additional directions, please email us at [email protected] .

Ultimately, it is up to our discretion to approve each account. Your service matters to us, and we appreciate your understanding as we work to support those who support our country.

Sending Personal Identifiable Information (PII) can be risky; you do it at your discretion; your risk. We do not keep any information after verification, but that does not mean email is failsafe.

Big Mike.

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