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We are passionate about firearms and committed to providing our clients with a fair, transparent, and secure process for selling, trading, or consigning their firearms. We understand the value of honesty and integrity in our business, and we strive to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome for every transaction. Whether you're looking to sell an old favorite, trade up for something new, or consign a valuable piece, we're here to help you navigate the process with ease and confidence.

How it works

To get started, we ask that you provide us with some essential information about your firearm. This helps us offer you the most accurate quote and advice on the best course of action. Please answer the following questions:
  1. Transaction Preference: Are you interested in selling, trading, consigning, or considering all three options?
  2. Brand & Manufacture Details: What is the brand, and where is it manufactured (as noted on the side of most firearms)?
  3. Acquisition: When did you acquire it, and was it purchased new or used?
  4. Caliber: What is the firearm chambered in?
  5. Type: What kind of firearm is it? (Options: Pistol, Rifle, Revolver, Shotgun, AOW, SBR, NFA)
  6. Action: What type of action does it have? (Options: Semi-auto, Bolt-action, Lever-action, Pump-action, Single-shot, Other)
  7. Condition: What is your best estimate of the condition? (Options: New, Very Good, Good, Fair, Rusted, Broken, or Parts Gun)
  8. Accessories: What does the item come with? Please include details on accessories, magazine size/capacity, and whether it includes the original box.
  9. Serial Number (SN): For tracking and valuation purposes, please provide the SN. Rest assured, we do not retain this data permanently.
  10. Market Value Understanding: Do you understand the difference between market value and book value?
  11. Restoration Interest: Would you be interested in minor or moderate restoration to potentially increase the value? (Note: Not all items will gain value from restoration.)

Photo submission guidelines

For an accurate assessment, please send us multiple photos of your firearm, showcasing various angles and any up-close details for collector-grade arms. Email your photos to [email protected], including your Name, Phone Number, the firearm’s Brand, Model, and the SN for reference.

Our evaluation process

We compare your item to similar ones in the same condition sold on internet auction sites, focusing on actual selling prices rather than listed prices. We average the top three selling items that closely reflect your item’s condition, then adjust the value accordingly. Unlike pawn shops, which may pay only 20% to 30% of an item’s market value, we aim to offer a more generous percentage.

Selling and consignment options

We offer both direct purchase and consignment options. For consignments, we handle cleaning, testing, and necessary repairs before listing your firearm on our site at a competitive market price. Upon sale, we deduct gunsmith fees and our commission, forwarding you the remainder. Should you choose to have your firearm returned without selling, there is a 20% consignment fee for our time, gunsmith fees for safety checks, testing and repairs if required, and lastly shipping and handling back to your dealer.

Sell your gun:

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